After declaring himself “immunized” against covid-19, the 74-year-old incumbent US president, who withdrew for ten days after being tested positive for covid-19, expressed himself through ironic statements. , the desire to fight on the last straight line.

By returning to the campaign stage, he will try to galvanize his electoral base, praising the election of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

The Senate – a Republican majority – begins on Monday the hearing of this 48-year-old magistrate, whose confirmation – which raises little doubts – will anchor in the long run the “temple” of American law in the conservative camp.

“It seems I’m immune to – I don’t know – maybe a long time, maybe a short time, maybe for life. Nobody really knows, but I am immunized, “the White House resident said on Sunday.

Trump assured in a message to his supporters on Sunday that he had been “tested completely negative” – ​​a statement that was not made officially.

“You have a president today who doesn’t need to hide in the basement like his opponent,” Joe Biden added.

The problem of immunity to covid-19 remains shrouded in many unknowns. The exact duration of this immunization and the degree of protection afforded by the antibodies are not known.

In late August, researchers in Hong Kong announced that they had discovered the world’s first proven case of covid-19 reinfection a few months after healing.

In a brief statement, Dr. Sean Conley announced that the president “is no longer considered to be at risk of transmitting” the virus to others.

“The complete and total green light of the White House doctors,” Donald Trump wrote on Twitter, who extrapolated from this message. “That means I can’t take it anymore (SARS-CoV-2 virus) and I can’t pass it on. Good to know!!!”.

Shortly afterwards, Twitter added a warning to the tweet, saying it contained “misleading” information about covid-19.

“The worst possible leader”

The former New York businessman, who constantly portrays 77-year-old Joe Biden as a puppet manipulated by the left wing of the Democratic Party, has hinted that Joe Biden could be ill.

“If you look at Joe, he was coughing yesterday (Saturday), then he was taking off his mask, then he was coughing,” Trump said. “I don’t know what that means, but the press hasn’t talked much about it.”

Following the announcement on October 1 of positive tests with covid-19 by Donald Trump and Melania Trump, Joe Biden’s campaign team publishes daily results of his covid-19 tests, negative so far.

However, the greatest opacity surrounds the current president of the United States. His medical team stubbornly refuses to say when his last negative test was recorded.

This position fuels suspicion that he may not have performed a test for several days before his positive test.

More than 214,000 people have died of covid-19 in the United States.

“In January, I said that President Trump was the worst possible leader to deal with the health crisis,” Joe Biden wrote on Twitter on Sunday night. “The months that have passed show that this is true.”

The old lion in the Democratic Party is now up nearly ten percentage points on average in national polls and has also bolstered his lead in voting intentions in key states in elections.

Faced with these worrying figures for his political future, Donald Trump invokes more than ever the memory of the surprise of 2016, emphasizing that in order to better convince himself that the story will be repeated.

“This time there is even more ENTHUSIASM than in 2016”, he wrote on Twitter “HUGE THINGS !!!”.

On Sunday, the president provoked the dissatisfaction of Dr. Anthony Fauci, a highly respected figure in the United States, after using some of his statements – without his consent – in a Trump team campaign video on covid-19.

“The statements that are given to me without my permission by the Republican Party campaign team were taken out of context, in a comment I made several months ago about the efforts of the federal health authorities.” the famous director of the Institute of Infectious Diseases lamented in a statement sent to CNN.

“These are Dr. Fauci’s statements,” Donald Trump replied on Twitter, adding that “we have done a ‘phenomenal’ job, according to some governors.”