Asked if he liked being president, Trump criticized Democratic leaders, including House Speaker Charles Senate leader Charles E. Schumer and Adam B. Schiff, who played an important role in Trump’s impeachment.

. You interact with really horrible people, very slippery people. “

Trump said old friends want to know: “Tell me, which is the most difficult country to approach: Russia? China? North Korea?”

“By far the most complicated country you have to deal with is the United States, it’s not close at all,” Trump said.

“Everyone tells me, ‘I think you’re kidding. And I repeat: No, I’m probably not kidding at all. We have very deceptive, very slippery people here. I think they’re kind of sick, like Adam Schiff. I think he’s a sick man, we’re dealing with these people, we’re dealing with them, but it’s a shame. “

Donald Trump also said he has “a solid chance of winning the election.