Each state assigns a certain number of large voters. With those already determined, Joe Biden has 253 or 264 large voters – due to uncertainties about the state of Arizona – and Donald Trump 214.

They need 270 large voters to get to the White House seat.

The three great voters in Alaska have not yet been appointed, but no Democrat has been in power in the state for decades, and there is no doubt about that at the end of the election.


11 big voters in the game

Joe Biden registered 50.5% of the vote, and Donald Trump 48.1%, a difference of 68,000 votes, at the partial count of 86% of the votes, on Thursday.

Fox News and the American Associated Press (AP) said on Tuesday night that the Democrat had won a victory in this Western state and that it was impossible for the Republican to recover.

Other publications – such as the New York Times (NYT) or CNN – prefer to wait to claim victory in this state, which traditionally votes with Republicans.

Local authorities do not think they are able to complete the vote count by Friday, probably.


16 big voters in the game

A total of 96% of the votes were cast in this Southwestern state, which traditionally votes with Republicans.

Donald Trump was leading on Tuesday night, but his lead was gradually reduced and he still had an advance of only 18,500 votes over Joe Biden, with a score of 49.6% to 49.2%, according to the American press.

The local authorities have scheduled a press conference at 10.30 local time (17.30, Romanian time).


6 big voters in the game

86% of the vote was cast in this desert state in the West, which voted with Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Joe Biden is currently in the lead with 49.3%, and Trump recorded 48.7% of the votes cast. It is about a difference of 8,000 votes.

Local authorities said they would communicate during the day.


20 big voters in the game

89% of the vote was counted in this industrial state on the “Rust Belt” in the Northeast, in which the candidates campaigned fiercely.

Donald Trump’s comfortable lead fell on Wednesday, but he still had 160,000 votes more than his rival (50.7% to 48.2%).

There were still 750,000 ballots to be counted – all mailed – a way more widely used by Democratic voters, which could, according to the American press, reverse the end result.

Local authorities hope to be able to finish counting the votes by Friday.


15 big voters in the game

95% of the votes have already been registered in this state, traditionally republican.

Donald Trump was ahead (50.1%) of Joe Biden (48.7%) by about 77,000 votes.

However, postal votes, sent no later than election day – November 3 – are accepted if they arrive within the next nine days.