“On November 3, 2020, the United States will choose between turning to the past or being brave and moving to the future,” the magazine wrote, without explicitly urging Democratic candidate Joe Biden to vote.

“With so many losses and so many losses to come, the 2020 presidential election is the right time for the American electorate to support a change for the better, to reject stagnation and self-isolation, to change a pointless point of view with a vision of progress and return to the international community, with the goal of a more equitable and sustainable future, ”reads the editorial, which then lists a long list of critics of the Trump administration.

“The disintegration of the social security net, the continuing erosion of public sector confidence,” the “political interference in certain crucial public health devices,” among others, have led to a situation that “culminated in the disastrous American response to the (new) coronavirus pandemic.” , denounces the magazine.

Managing this crisis is a central element of the US presidential campaign.

The United States, which is experiencing a resurgence of the epidemic, has recorded a total of 228,625 deaths due to COVID-19 since the beginning of the epidemic.

“Under the slogan ‘Make America Great Again,’ the Trump administration has implemented nationalist, regressive policies, revisited measures to protect people, labor, and the environment, and withdrawn from international agreements and multilateral organizations such as the WHO,” he said. “.

Other leading scientific journals lamenting Donald Trump’s “contempt” for science have also taken a stand in recent weeks in the election campaign.

In October, Nature magazine openly called for a vote with Joe Biden, and in September, Scientific American voiced its support for the Democratic candidate for the first time in 175 years. Donald Trump because of his rejection of science and his “denial” of climate change.