To avoid the November 3 ballot rally in the context of the pandemic, many Americans choose to vote by mail. More than 10 million of them have already voted that way.

But as November 3 approaches, a controversy has disrupted the California election. It is about choosing the local branch of the Republican Party to install boxes presented as polling places, writes The New York Times (NYT). These boxes have appeared in recent weeks in various areas of Los Angeles, Fresno and Orange, but especially near gun shops, churches and Republican Party offices.

“Nothing distinguishes them from the depots that depend on the state and are subject to strict regulations in order to avoid partisan manipulation of votes,” the source said.

Democrats dispute this vote-taking process, calling it illegal and fraudulent.

On Monday, California Secretary of State Alex Padilla and prosecutor Xavier Becerrra sent an order to the local branch of the Republican Party regarding the withdrawal of these boxes.

But the Republican Party refuses to obey the order, saying it is acting in accordance with local law. According to the spokesman Hector Barajas, the law allows the collection of votes by a third party. “Given the way Democrats wrote the law, we could even use Santa’s hat. But a closed metal box is safer, “he told the NYT.

“Unauthorized boxes deceive voters,” concludes lawyer Jessica Levinson.