Just over a month and a week before the US presidential election, Randy Yaloz, the representative of the Republican Party in France, believes more than ever in Donald Trump’s victory in the duel with Joe Biden. The incumbent US president is not favored by polls, but has a “silent majority”, the Franco-American lawyer said in an interview with the French daily “Le Point”.

He then explains why he thinks Trump will win on November 3rd. Evoking the wave of racial demonstrations across the Atlantic, he accuses Democrats of supporting violence and anti-police rhetoric. In his view, this is a “strategic mistake”. “I know Democrats who told me they wanted to vote for Trump for the first time in their lives, precisely because of this violence and robbery,” says the Republican.

Moreover, Randy Yaloz is convinced that the slogan “America First” is still successful. “It will continue with its strategy, which has worked so far, that is, to bring industries back and create jobs. He will not change his style “, he thinks.

“There is a silent majority that will come out and elect Trump,” Yaloz concluded, predicting a “triumphant re-election.”