If Biden wins in Georgia and then in Nevada or Arizona – key states ahead of Trump – or in Pennsylvania – where the vote counts diminishes the Republican lead – he would become president-elect of the United States. , writes NYT.

The two candidates were stuck in a stalemate on Thursday, with scores of 49.4%, but Trump had a slight lead.

Biden registered 917 votes on Friday, after counting votes by mail.

Democrat snatching Georgia from Republicans – a state that did not vote with a Democrat in the 1992 presidential election and in which Trump won a 200,000-vote victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016 – would be a major political change , comments NYT, which supports Biden.

This state has shown signs of siding with Democrats since 2016, when Trump defeated Clinton by five percentage points, a much lower score than before.

The rise in Biden’s score – especially through its dominance in Atlanta, Savannah and the increasingly democratic suburbs of the two cities – turned a score that seemed safe for Trump on Tuesday into one of the toughest battles in the country.

“We win in Georgia, we win everything,” Joe Biden said at a drive-in rally in Atlanta last week.