“We will not control the pandemic, we will control that we can have vaccines,” White House Secretary-General Mark Meadows told CNN, launching a new controversy over Donald Trump’s weakness for a second term.

“It’s not Meadows’ fault,” Democratic candidate Joe Biden said in a statement.

“It’s an honest statement about President Trump’s strategy since the beginning of the crisis: waving the white flag of defeat and hoping that if he ignores it, the virus will go away. It was not the case and it will not be so “, he thundered.

According to his opponents, this is a testament to the helplessness that disqualifies Donald Trump.

“They acknowledge defeat,” Kamala Harris said immediately, reiterating that it was “the greatest failure of any presidential administration in the history of the United States.”

“They have given up their right to a second term,” she said in a campaign for the Nov. 3 election in the disputed state of Michigan.

Overtaken by Joe Biden in polls, Donald Trump is criticized by a majority of Americans for the way he handles the pandemic and his reluctance to support measures to limit the spread of the disease, such as wearing a protective mask.

The United States broke its “record” of daily covid-19 infection for two days in a row – nearly 90,000 cases on Saturday – and more than 225,000 Americans died from the virus.

“We have the vaccines, we have everything, we turn the page. Even without vaccines we will turn the page. That will end, “Donald Trump said at a rally in New Hampshire.

Apart from the national health context, this controversy occurs as the new coronavirus affects the White House again, in the entourage of Vice President Mike Pence.

Pence’s chief of staff “Mark Short and a few other important members of the vice president’s team got the (new) coronavirus,” Mark Meadows confirmed.

However, Mike Pence and his wife tested negative for covid-19. As “indispensable staff”, however, the vice president will not change his agenda and will continue his election campaign, a spokesman announced.


The White House, heavily criticized for not wearing a mask inside, became a source of contamination last month when 12 people – including President Donald Trump – fell ill. They attended a ceremony in honor of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, nominated by the incumbent Republican president to the Supreme Court.

But this controversy has not prevented Trump’s camp from intensifying its attacks on his opponent Joe Biden, who, out of respect for health records, is waging a much less intense campaign than the New York billionaire.

Donald Trump’s campaign team communications director Tim Murtaugh attacked the 77-year-old Democrat on Fox News and questioned his fitness.

Biden took a “five-day break out of six” ahead of last Thursday’s presidential debate, he said ironically.

“President Trump has done more in 47 months than Joe Biden has done in 47 years of failure,” said Tim Murtaugh.

Immediately after these statements, while the former Democratic vice president was returning from a church near his home in Wilmington, Delaware, his campaign team announced to the press on Sunday that he would not wait for any event.

“The difference between what we do and what Donald Trump does is that we act prudently,” Joe Biden campaign representative Kate Bedingfield told Murtaugh on NBC.

After a marathon day on Saturday, in which he was in Florida and then chained three rallies in three states and returned early to the White House, the 74-year-old Republican billionaire went on the campaign again on Sunday. , in New Hampshire and Maine.

He has a clear strategy – to try to reissue the surprise of 2016 by occupying the land, through a series of trips, in the hope of denying the polls once again.