US elections 2020 betting: How are the bets going?

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The betting shops, Like the polls, they are clear about their favorite for the next US elections on November 3. The main betting websites give a clear victory to the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, about the current president, Donald Trump, or at least that’s what those who have decided to play predict.

There are lots of bets on the American election, but the most essential is the one that centers on who will be the next president. For now, in Betfair € 1.44 is paid for Biden’s win and € 2.88 for Trump’s. From the figures it is clear that Biden is considered the favorite by the players, as is evident in the voting intention polls.

Thus, for every euro bet by the Democratic candidate, the players would win € 0.44 with their victory. If, on the other hand, Trump won, those who bet on him would win for every euro wagered, € 1.88 more.

In William Hill, the oldest sportsbook, the odds are similar. In this case, Biden’s victory is paid at € 1.50 and Trump’s at € 2.62. In much the same way, at home Bwin, the triumph of Biden is paid at € 1.45 and the Trump at € 2.70.

Bets are usually reliable

In any case, despite the fact that betting is not an absolutely reliable measure of voting intention, they usually have something to do with the results. An example is what happened in 2016.

In that year’s election, the polls gave the victory to the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, while the bets were given to Trump. Finally, the unexpected color change of the states of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin after the election he decided the balance for the Republican candidate and awarded him more delegates than his rival. Trump won the presidency despite having the polls against it, and those who bet on his mandate saw it coming.



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