“Some infections can be transmitted by exposure to splashes and fine particles that can float in the air for minutes or hours, being able to infect people who are more than two meters away from the infected person or after the person’s departure,” the new recommendations show. published on the CDC website, according to AFP.

“There is evidence that under certain conditions people with COVID-19 contaminated others more than 2 meters away. These transmissions took place indoors that were not properly ventilated. In other cases, those people expired virus particles during exercise or singing, “the CDC reported, according to Yahoo News.

The announcement comes after several months in which researchers around the world published studies highlighting aerosol transmission, ie particles smaller than 5 microns. However, the main route of transmission is large splashes expelled by an infected person who sneezes, talks or sings around others.

In contrast, infection on a contaminated surface “is not considered a common form of Covid-19 spread,” the CDC writes.