US approves possible sale of missile systems to Taiwan

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The Government of Washington has announced its approval for the possible sale for a value of 1,008 million dollars (more than 850 million euros), of three missile systems to Taiwan, an action pointed out by the State Department, “serves the national, economic and security interests of the United States.”

The Taipei Economic and Cultural Representation Office in the United States (TECRO), “has requested the purchase of 135 AGM-84H missiles, four ATM-84H telemetry missiles; and twelve captive air training missiles. CATM-84H “, details the statement from the Defense and Security Cooperation Agency of United States.

Stability of the region

“This sale serves the national, economic, and security interests of the United States by supporting the recipient’s ongoing efforts to modernize their armed forces and maintain a credible defensive capacity “, explains the text.

“The proposed sale will help improve recipient security and maintain political stability, military and economic balance and progress in the region,” adds a statement that also highlights that with this arsenal Taiwan it will be able to “increase its effectiveness in war”, or “to counteract or deter aggressions”.

They thank the US

Pending approval by the United States Congress, the Taiwanese authorities have appreciated Washington’s support, as this “sale helps to improve the solid defense capabilities“of the island, which China considers to be part of its territory, despite having an independent government since 1949.

“The sale helps enhance Taiwan’s strong national defense capabilities to cope with the military expansion from the other side of the strait, “the Presidential Office said in a statement, referring to the 180-kilometer-wide margin that separates the island from mainland China.



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