“What is really problematic is that the American head of state demanded the end of the counting of votes, being in the middle of the presidential apparatus of the White House, respectively with all the signs of power around him, as a result of his alleged victory. It is a blatant abuse of power “, denounced the coordinator of the international observers in charge of monitoring this election, the German deputy Michael Georg Link, in an interview given to the daily” Stuttgarter Zeitung “and taken over by AFP.

“Mr. Trump’s allegations of manipulation are baseless,” he said.

The OSCE has already said on Wednesday that Donald Trump is making “unfounded accusations” about election fraud by Democrats.

“Our colleagues are still on the ground and can confirm that election observers from various political camps have also been accepted and that postal votes continue to be counted correctly,” said Georg Link.

The OSCE expresses fears about the long-term consequences in the American public opinion of questioning the electoral process, with a risk of radicalization, notes AFP.