The president cannot be re-elected without the vote of the 20 Pennsylvania voters.

In the most populated areas of this state, such as Montgomery County, Biden leads by mail and votes are expected in Philadelphia, where 12% of the citizens of this state live.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton won 584,000 votes in Philadelphia County. Now, Biden has only 100,000 fewer votes, but there are many more to count.

CNN reporters appreciated that Biden could win Pennsylvania as Hillary Clinton did or get many more votes.

In Pennsylvania, there are 20 big voters at stake. 89% of the vote was counted in this industrial state on the “Rust Belt” in the Northeast, in which the candidates campaigned fiercely.

Donald Trump’s comfortable lead fell on Wednesday, but he still had 160,000 votes more than his rival (50.7% to 48.2%).

There were still 750,000 ballots to be counted – all mailed – a way much more used by Democratic voters, which could, according to the American press, reverse the end result.

The results of the vote, expected on Friday

Local authorities hope to be able to finish counting the votes by Friday.

The result of the US presidential election was still in suspense on Thursday in five key states, where the counting of votes was still ongoing and the race was too tight to declare a winner, reports AFP, which presents the situation in these states.

Each state assigns a certain number of large voters. With those already determined, Joe Biden has 253 or 264 large voters – due to uncertainties about the state of Arizona – and Donald Trump 214.

They need 270 large voters to get to the White House seat.

The three great voters in Alaska have not yet been appointed, but no Democrat has been in power in the state for decades, and there is no doubt about that at the end of the election.