The site’s address is (let’s rebuild better), one of Joe Biden’s campaign slogans, aimed at preparing the transition between the two administrations.

The website appeared minutes after the announcement of Biden’s victory in Michigan, one of the key states in Tuesday’s US presidential election.

So far, only a photo of Barack Obama’s former vice president and a short text appear on the site, talking about the relaunch plan that Joe Biden wants to launch in response to the covid-19 crisis.

“The American people will decide who will serve as the future president of the United States. The votes are still counted in most states in the country “, reminds first of all the campaign team of the democratic candidate.

But in the context of the country facing numerous crises, “from a pandemic to a recession in the economy, from climate change to racist injustice,” his teams say they want to be prepared for a new Biden-Harris administration. be operational “from day one”.

Joe Biden registered 253 big voters on Thursday according to CNN estimates and up to 264 according to other publications.

This is a comfortable lead over Donald Trump, who oscillates between 213 and 214 large voters.

The White House tenant denounces “fraud” and disputes the results in some states.

The president’s campaign team has said it has gone to court, urging it to suspend vote counts in Michigan and Pennsylvania, where Trump needs to win if he wants to hope for re-election.