Dozens of Donald Trump supporters chanted in front of a counting center in Detroit, Michigan – a key state in which Joe Biden won, and where Donald Trump’s campaign team launched a lawsuit. Many states were overwhelmed by a flood of ballots sent by mail due to the covid-19 pandemic, and the countdown continued on Thursday.

In Chicago, unlike Detroit, protesters asked incumbent President Donald Trump to leave the White House. Ten people were arrested Wednesday night in Portland, Oregon, where Gov. Kate Brown called on the National Guard to end what she described as “widespread violence.” Other post-election rallies took place in New York, where police detained about 50 people, but also in Atlanta and Oakland, where people took to the streets to demand that counting operations continue smoothly. Militants of The Protect the Results, a movement of 165 associations and unions, are scheduled to hold events across America from Wednesday to Saturday.

Formulating allegations of fraud, Trump’s campaign team is demanding an interruption in the counting of votes in several states where there is a distance of Democrat Joe Biden. In Phoenix, Arizona, supporters of the incumbent president, some of whom were armed, gathered in front of a polling station following rumors that ballots in favor of their leader had been intentionally burned.

The vote processing operation was interrupted for a short time, in order for the police to shelter the representatives of the Electoral Commission. At the same time, Fox News journalists on the spot were forced to leave the premises under escort. “Shame on Fox News,” some pro-Trump protesters shouted. Maricopa County Electoral Center in Arizona, one of the last to vote in the 2020 U.S. presidential election, closed the building to the press and the public after angry supporters of Donald Trump gathered in front of the building . Some of them are armed, and police officers from the special intervention forces went to the scene.

Lawyers entered the scene

According to CNN, Arizona, Nevada and Georgia could be the next states targeted by lawsuits from the Trump team, which wants to gain time by demanding a recount of votes. Georgia becomes the fourth state for which the Trump camp is going to court. It is a constituency where, according to the Trump team, the votes that came after the deadline, which was 7:00 pm, were mixed with the valid votes and were incorrectly counted. It would be about 50 votes, and the referral would belong to a Republican observer.

Under Georgian law, votes that come after the deadline must be stored somewhere safe, will not open, and will eventually be destroyed. Donald Trump’s campaign team will go to the Supreme Court to intervene in the case of a decision of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on the counting of votes after election day. In Pennsylvania, 3.1 million voters mailed their ballots, and the state’s judiciary has decided that ballots can be counted by Friday, if the envelope is mailed before November 3.

Donald Trump’s campaign team announces that it has filed a lawsuit for the counting process in Michigan to be stopped, and in Wisconsin where the final but unannounced results show an advance of over 20,000 votes in favor of Joe Biden, requests the recount of votes. “Irregularities have been reported in several areas of Wisconsin, raising serious doubts about the validity of the results,” said Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Bill Stepien. The state’s election commissioner said shortly before the Trump team asked for recount that no irregularities had been reported and that votes had already been counted twice and are now being counted for the third time.

Eric Trump and Rudy Giuliani on a special mission to Pennsylvania

US President Donald Trump has sent his son Eric and personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani to Pennsylvania to closely monitor the processing of votes in this state, which has become almost decisive for the White House. In a press conference, Eric Trump and Rudy Giuliani claim that the incumbent president won the Pennsylvania race, but provide no evidence to that effect. They accuse Democrats of intending to turn the result in their favor. “He’s trying to cheat,” Eric Trump said, also without evidence. “That’s beyond anything I’ve seen so far,” added Rudy Giuliani. Trump’s team intends not to accept the defeat expected in the duel with Joe Biden.

The 2000 Al Gore-George W. Bush precedent

The situation seems to be reminiscent of the year 2000, when the closest battle was fought for the key state of Florida. At the time, Vice President Al Gore, the Democratic Party’s candidate, was after the first count just 1800 votes behind Republican George W. Bush. It took five weeks until he was sure who would be president. Al Gore, who had already congratulated his opponent on the election victory, called for Florida’s votes to be recounted.

The law provides for this in cases where the result is very close. The Republican advantage fell to less than 1,000 votes, and Gore hoped for a victory again. Whole armies of lawyers were trained, appealed to the Florida Supreme Court and eventually to the United States Supreme Court. On December 12, 2000, the judges ruled that a unitary standard had not been applied to the manual counting of votes in Florida, and a new count was no longer possible.

So the Supreme Court declared George W. Bush the winner. Could such a scenario be repeated in a similar form? Former German ambassador to the United States until 2018, Peter Wittig, says there are “parallels”, but points out that there is an essential difference from the situation in 2000: “We remember that Gore withdrew and knew how to lose. Gore put the stability of democracy and the wider context first. I doubt that a legal conflict would end this time as correctly as in 2000. ” One thing is for sure for now. According to the US Constitution, the inauguration of the US President for the next four years will take place on January 20, 2021.