Uruguay: President Lacalle Pou doubts about the reopening of the borders with Argentina and Brazil for the summer

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“We are facing a very difficult decision, which threatens an economic base of the country, which is tourism,” he said at the forum “Spain-Uruguay. Looking to the future ”, organized by the Spanish newspaper ABC.

The president of Uruguay. Luis Lacalle Pou, said that his country still cannot be sure if the borders with Argentina and Brazil they will be open for the austral summer and that making this decision will not be an easy task.

“A very difficult decision comes to us, which directly addresses against an economic base of the country, which is tourism“, he highlighted during his speech in the virtual forum” Spain-Uruguay. Looking to the future “, organized by the Spanish newspaper ABC, in which the former president of the Spanish Government Felipe González also participated.

In accordance with this, he pointed out that the main source of tourists to his country is Argentina and remarked that, although the summer season should begin in December, today is not in a position to ensure that the border with that nation and with Brazil will be open.

Likewise, Lacalle Pou pointed out that the Honorary Scientific Advisory Group, which helps the Executive in the crisis due to COVID-19, is already working on the “Summer Plan” and noted that there are many possible scenarios.

During the meeting, the president was also consulted about the handling of the pandemic there, with 1917 cases and 46 deaths since last March 13, when the health emergency was declared due to the appearance of the first positives.

“We appeal to citizen behavior,” recalled Lacalle Pou, who stressed that the Uruguayan is “freedom lover“and he affirmed that the statistics that the country has are not thanks to the Government but to the citizens.

This management was greeted by González, who exchanged a few words with the Uruguayan president and stressed that the situation in the South American country is “enviable for its results and for its strategy“.

“That bet so far has gone well and It is part of the character of Uruguayans. It is part of their own personality not only because of their attachment to freedom but because they know that the right to move, when it collides with the right to health, must be taken care of, “said the one who was President of the Spanish Government between 1982 and 1996.

Finally, another matter on which Lacalle Pou was consulted was the legal security of Uruguay. a country considered within the panel as one of the few places where people feel comfortable to invest.

“Uruguay changes government but it does not change the legal system. It changes its ideology but does not change the state bases of a structure that supports it and makes it credible in the medium and long term. Uruguay in the region, if you see the big picture, it always generates stability and is the place to screw up in Latin America and especially in the Southern Cone, “replied the president.

In addition to the two politicians, the members of the forum were the director of ABC, Julian Quirós; the newspaper’s flying correspondent in Latin America, Carmen de Carlos; and Alfonso Budiño, general director of Concessions of Grupo Azvi, specialized in construction.

Source: EFE



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