Last June, Juan Carlos Unzué announced that he has Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a progressive disease that attacks the nervous system and causes those who suffer from it to lose functions. This Tuesday he went through ‘El Larguero’ of Cadena SER and, in addition to talking about football, He told how he lives with ELA.

“I am fine, but the disease continues to progress slowly with the feeling that does not stop“said the former Celta or Girona coach, among others.

On how to face it, Unzué shows, like the day he made it public, strength: “The key word is mental strength. I have contacted other colleagues and I think we have to accept this life situation and I have to assume the circumstances as when I did when I had to stay on the bench, “he explains.

Unzué has launched ‘Thinking about football from head to toe’, a book with which he intends to give the disease the visibility it needs for its research to prosper: “Over time I can still explain what I feel, but I am more concerned with extending what others are feeling. It is the next step I want to take and therein lies the importance of the book, “he said.

He also had time to analyze one of the current controversies related to Barça, the supposed bad relationship between Messi and Griezmann: “Also the feeling must be present when you join a new team and I have seen how great players have suffered when trying to adapt to the idea of ​​a team. We have to see how Griezmann can be more important for the team. ”