“Unlocking the Power of USB C: Discover the UGREEN Type C 3.1 Female to USB A Male Converter for a Seamless Digital Experience!”


The UGREEN USB C to USB 3.0 Adapter is a Type C 3.1 Female to USB A Male Converter that lets you connect USB-C devices to older USB 3.0 or 2.0 devices. This adapter enables easy data transfer and can help you charge compatible devices like phones, tablets, laptops, and more.

Key Features

  • Converts USB-C ports to USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports
  • Enables data transfer between newer and older devices
  • Provides compatibility for devices with USB Type A ports
  • Small and compact design for easy transport and storage
  • Supports up to 5Gbps data transfer speeds
  • Compatible with PC, Laptop and Wall Charger with USB Type A Port

If you own an old laptop or PC without a USB-C interface, you might be missing out on the latest gadgets and technology that demand USB-C connections. That’s where the UGREEN USB Type C Female Adapter comes in handy! With this adapter, you can easily turn the USB A port on your computer into a USB Type C female port, making it possible for you to connect to USB-C enabled devices.

Superfast Data Transfer at Max 5Gbps

One of the main features of the UGREEN USB Type C Female Adapter is its superfast data transfer capability. It supports up to 5Gbps syncing rate, ensuring faster data transfer between your PC and smartphones or tablets. This makes it perfect for transferring large files quickly and efficiently.

Great Compatibility

The USB 3.0 male port works seamlessly with normal PCs and laptops with USB A port. Meanwhile, the USB-C female interface is compatible with Type-C enabled devices such as hard drives, cell phones, or tablets. This means that you can easily use the adapter with a wide range of devices, making it an extremely versatile accessory.

Important Note

Remember that the 5Gbps syncing rate is only available when you connect the adapter to a USB 3.0 port on your laptop or PC. When connecting it to USB Type C devices, you will need a USB C male to male cable, which is sold separately.

Package Content

The UGREEN USB Type C Female Adapter comes with a 1x USB 3.0 Type A Male to USB 3.1 Type C Female Converter Adapter. This means you’ll have all you need to start connecting your favorite devices seamlessly.

Why the UGREEN USB Type C Female Adapter is Ideal

Not only is the UGREEN USB Type C Female Adapter affordable, but it is also well known for its durability and excellent performance. What’s more, it comes with a sleek and elegant design that blends seamlessly with your devices. It is easy to operate, and it offers a high speed of data transfer that ensures that you can transfer files in no time.

The Bottom Line

Overall, this adapter allows you to connect to any USB-C enabled device, which is an essential feature for those who want to stay up-to-date with the latest gadgets and technology. It is an ideal device for anyone who wants to add more connections to their old laptop or PC without USB-C interface. With its superfast data transfer, great compatibility, and affordable price, the UGREEN USB Type C Female Adapter is an excellent investment. Order yours today and enjoy a world of new possibilities!

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