Univideo and Feltrinelli, a competition to rekindle emotions in Blu-ray, Ultra HD 4K and DVD

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A competition linked to the purchase of Blu-ray, DVD and Ultra HD 4K at Feltrinelli stores: thousands of gift cards are won and a special prize can be drawn.

The lockdown of the past months has led the public to turn away from stores: at least as regards thepurchase of physical Blu-ray, DVD and Ultra HD 4K movies, it was decided by Feltrinelli e Univideo, the trade association of Audiovisual Publishers on digital media, to relaunch this supply chain with contest “Let’s rekindle emotions”.
From today until October 31, by purchasing a product in any of the formats mentioned at a Feltrinelli store or on laFeltrinelli.it, it will be possible win thousands of “gift cards” with a unit value of 30 euros, which can be spent on other purchases. Hopes will not be extinguished in case of missing victory: in fact, it will still be possible to participate in theextraction of a Smart TV Hisense ULEDTV 4K to 65 shelves!
It is not strange to start over from Blu-ray and DVD: the films kept people company during the anguish of the lockdown, and it is right that we start over from these experiences, often shared in the family, to restart consumption. This is how Lorenzo Ferrari Ardicini, president of Univideo and CG Entertainment, commented on the operation.

This is a very important initiative, designed for support the consumption of cultural and entertainment products in a difficult period for both our businesses, shops and consumers alike. The answer is to create a system, to collaborate to try to get customers back to purchase by visiting stores. A promotion like “Let’s rekindle the emotions” has precisely this purpose, that is to encourage the purchase of an object that has always been considered special, such as DVD or Blu-ray.

Go up concorsounivideofeltrinelli.it and participate now!



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