United States: Will Joe Biden’s future government be with some Republicans and many women?

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The former vice president, who will arrive at the White House on January 20, has already appointed veteran Democrat Ron Klain as his chief of staff and several of his future advisers. The dance of names

Joe Biden promised a “government that represents America” ​​and embarked on the composition of a mixed and feminine team without waiting for Donald Trump to admit defeat or assist in the transition.

The former vice president, who will arrive at the White House on January 20, has already appointed veteran Democrat Ron Klain as his chief of staff and several of his future advisers.

The composition of your government will be more complicated. His ministers will have to be confirmed by the Senate, a chamber where Republicans will retain a majority unless Democrats win two by-elections in January.

Meanwhile, here are the names circulating for the composition of the cabinet: Former ambassador to the UN and former national security adviser under President Barack Obama, Susan Rice could quickly take over as secretary of state.

Very charismatic, this 56-year-old African-American has very good relations with Joe Biden.

But she never held an elected office and was peppered by controversy over the 2012 attack on the US diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, which could complicate your confirmation.

Senator Chris Coons, a close friend of the 57-year-old president-elect, has more consensus.

A member of the influential Committee on Foreign Relations, he regularly cooperates with his Republican colleagues.

Senator Chris Murphy’s name also rings for office, plus close to the left wing of the Democratic Party, and that of diplomat William Burns, number two in the State Department under Barack Obama.

Lael Brainard, 58, a Federal Reserve (central bank) official, seems the best suited to become Treasury secretary, financial sources close to Biden told AFP.

The only democrat among the governors of this institution, distinguished himself by opposing deregulation of the banking sector and insist on the fight against climate change.

True to its image of “unifying“Biden would like to name one or two Republicans to his team, which gives Meg Whitman, a business leader who was a Republican nominee for governor of California in 2010, a run for the job.

Mellody Hobson, co-chair of a hedge fund, one of Wall Street’s most influential black women, could benefit from the aspiration of African-American lawmakers to see a person of color in charge of the finances of the United States.

Also in the running are former Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen and African-American Roger Ferguson, who for a long time was at the head of a pension fund.

Michele Flournoy, Delegate Minister of Defense In the Barack Obama administration, it appears with an advantage over its competitors.

Possessing vast experience in the Pentagon, this 59-year-old woman is respected beyond the ranks of the Democrats and it could easily be confirmed in the Senate.



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