United States: the coming and going of candidates to Florida, proof that the election can be defined there

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The rallies of Donald Trump and Joe Biden multiply on this electoral battlefield as the appointment with the polls approaches.

US President Donald Trump and his rival in the November election, Democrat Joe Biden, are no longer just hot on the heels of polls in Florida, but on the ground as well. The rallies of one and the other are multiplying on this electoral battlefield as the appointment with the polls approaches.

This coming and going of candidates and announcements of new rallies on short notice are signs that the “sunshine state” may again be decisive in the outcome of a US presidential election. The same thing happened in the final stretch of the 2016 campaign.

The one who is exhibiting the most effort is the president, who in 2016, when he was opposed by Hillary Clinton, won in this state and he took his prized 29 votes in the Electoral College, but is now behind the former Democratic vice president, according to several polls.

On Monday he participated in a rally in Sanford (Central Florida), his first major campaign act after catching coronavirus, he has another scheduled for Thursday in Miami and for Friday a third in Ocala (central Florida), according to the White House agenda .

Three visits in less than a week to try to reverse what polls like the one released this Tuesday by the Florida Atlantic University (FAU), according to which in this state Biden has a four percentage point advantage in voting intention (51% compared to 47%).

Vice President Mike Pence is expected in Miami this Thursday for various campaign events.

Biden, for his part, He returned to South Florida yesterday, exactly eight days after having made his first visit to Miami this season.

The Democratic candidate, according to the RealClear Politics portal, which averages the polls of voting intention, has a margin of 3.7 percentage points above Trump, while at the national level that difference reaches 10 points.

“Our poll doesn’t show many undecided voters, so it’s less about looking for new voters and more than getting their voters to the polls “, told Efe Kevin M. Wagner, professor and president of the Department of Political Sciences of the FAU.

8% of those surveyed by that university recognized that they can still change their vote before November 3. Perhaps that is why Trump is asking his supporters to vote now, in advance.

Wagner highlighted the weight in these elections of the Latino vote and that of the elderlyThe latter a segment where the Democrat gains ground and with whom he precisely met this Tuesday in Pembroke Pines, a city in South Florida.

In what was his second visit to the south of this state in October, the vice president during the administration of Barack Obama (2009-2017) described as “erratic” the management of the pandemic of the coronavirus by Trump, as has been “his entire Presidency.”

“It has prevented seniors in Florida and people across the country from getting the relief they need,” added the 77-year-old Democrat, criticizing that the president has never focused on what matters. “He has never focused on you”He added, addressing each of the participants in his rally.

Wagner pointed out that the polls, which are still “an image at a certain point” and therefore “people can change their minds” between now and November 3, now reflect “concern about how the administration has handled the pandemic. “

This “may have hurt the president with senior voters,” in addition to encouraging mail-in voting, but the truth is that it cannot be generalized and “Republican (voters) are more likely to approve of handling the pandemic by part of the president, “Wagner said.

“I feel so powerful”exclaimed an exuberant Trump, who did not wear a mask, to the crowd that gathered him in Sanford, who although they give an image of enthusiasm they are still “only a small fraction of the voters” and supporters of the candidate, as Wagner emphasizes.


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