United States: Joe Biden won in Georgia and Republican rule was cut after 28 years

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The final count confirmed the victory of the Democrat in the elections of that state by a narrow margin of 12 thousand votes.

The final tally of election results in Georgia finally saw President-elect Joe Biden win by a narrow margin of 12,284 votes, thus ending a prolonged streak of Republican victories in that state that dates back 28 years.

The confirmation of Biden’s triumph was communicated by the Secretary of State of Georgia, Republican Brad Raffensperger, through a statement, in which he highlighted that the “historic first audit” held in this state confirmed “safety” and “precision” of your electoral system.

“This is recognition for the hard work of our county and local election officials who moved quickly to undertake and complete such a momentous task in such a short period of time,” Raffensperger stressed.

Biden’s narrow victory is a serious blow to the aspirations of the still tenant of the White House, Donald Trump, who hoped to reverse the results by achieving victory in one of the traditional strongholds of the Republican Party.

With the confirmation of the 16 electoral votes of the state of Georgia for Biden, the Democratic candidate and president-elect would have 306 votes, well ahead of the 270 needed and the 232 that Trump would have achieved.

With almost five million votes cast during the recent presidential elections, the audit offered a narrow victory to Biden, whose difference, being less than 0.5 percent, still gives the Trump team legal leeway to demand a recount, before Georgia state law confirms the final result.

Biden’s campaign team for the state of Georgia said in a statement that the new results did nothing more than reaffirm “what was already known” and thanked election officials for the work they did “under unprecedented circumstances.”

“It just reaffirms what we already knew, Georgia voters chose Joe Biden as the next president of the United States,” said the campaign manager, Jaclyn Rothenberg.

During this week’s count, up to four Georgia counties were found several batches of ballots that had not been counted during the election night of November 3 or they were not processed correctly to the Secretary of State.

In total, the US chain CNN specified, they found some 5,800 new votes that had not been counted, of which almost 1,400 went to Trump, who throughout the week used his social networks to continue inflating the conspiracy theories that allegedly intend to get him out of the White House.

The electoral officials insisted on the cleanliness of the elections and explained that these failures were due to human errors and not to attempts to commit fraud and reverse the bottom line.

In that sense, the office of Secretary Raffensperger also spoke, who assured that the difference between the first results with those of the audit is “well within the expected margin of human error that occurs when the ballots are counted by hand.”

In recent days, Raffensperger’s figure has been widely criticized by President Trump and other senior Republican officials from the state of Georgia, who they demanded his resignation after accusing him of failing to ensure “honest and transparent elections.”

Source: DPA



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