United Kingdom: The House of Commons has adopted a draft new immigration law

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The British House of Commons adopted a bill on immigration on Tuesday (30 June), stating that after the end of the transition period on 31 December 2020, the free movement of persons from the European Union will end. From that moment on, the point immigration system applies.

342 MPs voted in favor to approve the bill in the evening, 248 against it. Previously, MEPs rejected the amendments proposed by the opposition party. He is now being referred to the House of Lords, but his entry into the current situation is a foregone conclusion.

“Last year, the British sent a clear message that they wanted to end the free movement of people, which is exactly what our groundbreaking immigration law does,” said Interior Minister Priti Patel.

“The Labor party voting against this bill shows that its leadership may have changed, but its determination to oppose people’s will – no,” she added.

The point immigration system, which will be put in place under this law, will equate the status of the citizens of the European Union and other countries and will also radically limit the ability to take up work of low-skilled people. But it will only apply to new immigrants, meaning that around 3.7 million EU citizens already in the UK can continue to work and work as long as they apply for permanent or temporary status.

The points system will be introduced from 1 January next year. To gain the right to work in the UK, you must earn at least 70 points, with 50 points for mandatory criteria, which are vacancies from an approved sponsor, suitability of the skills on offer and knowledge of English. Further points are awarded depending on the salary provided in the offer, training and whether there are vacancies in the sector.

There will be no provision for low-skilled workers or a special path for the self-employed.

Under the plan, all migrants are only entitled to income-related benefits after they have been granted the right to remain indefinitely, usually after five years.

In addition, it has been stipulated that EU citizens can come to Britain for tourist purposes without having to apply for a visa for stays of up to six months, and for citizens of other countries the regulations regarding tourist arrivals will not change.

The bill retains special status for Irish nationals who have had to settle and work in Britain without a permit since the 1920s and can still do so after the end of the transition period.

From London, Bartłomiej Niedziński (PAP)


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