Shameful pictures in the Karting World Championship in the KZ category in the race held in Lonato, Italy, where the local driver Luca Corberi, lost the papers, endangering the integrity of his rival Paolo Ippolito, as well as any other participant.

Corberi started in 12th position and after a good start in which he climbed to ninth place, he fell to 15th place. However, in the ninth round, an incident with Ippolito left him out of the race, something that did not sit well with the Italian pilot, who wanted to take justice into his own hands.

Once withdrawn from the test, he remained at the edge of the track waiting for Ippolito to pass with a piece of his kart that he threw against his rival to “give it back”. Fortunately, the piece of his car did not impact with no participant and no casualties were to be regretted, thus being able to finish the race without major incidents.

However, Corberi’s anger did not end there and after the end of the race, He waited for Ippolito to hit him in the closed park where he caught him off guard and knocked him down with a tackle, leading to a fight between other drivers and team members.

Now, it only remains to see what decision the FIA ​​makes with Corberi, who is also the son of the owner of the circuit where the race was held.