Unfold Lower Thirds

“I want to purchase Unfold Lower Thirds for my video editing projects. It will add a professional touch and enhance the overall quality of my videos.”

Unfold Lower Thirds: A Comprehensive Guide to Enhance Your Video Production

In today’s world, videos have become an essential part of every business’ digital marketing strategy. Videos are the most engaging way to convey your message and attract potential customers. However, creating a video that stands out from the crowd can be challenging.

To create a high-quality video production, you need professional-looking lower thirds. Lower thirds are text overlays that appear at the bottom third of your screen during a video production; they provide context for what is happening in the scene or introduce speakers in interviews.

The Solution – Unfold Lower Thirds

If you want to add visually appealing lower thirds without spending hours on designing them yourself or hiring someone else, then Unfold Lower Thirds is perfect for you! These six premade templates offer an easy-to-use solution with customizable features:

  • No plug-in required: You don’t need any additional software or plugins as these templates work seamlessly with Adobe After Effects;
  • Fully editable: Change anything from text color and font size to duration and animation style;
  • Edit duration & colors: Adjust timing according to your requirements so that each overlay appears when it should during filming;
    • Note: Changing colors ensures consistency with branding guidelines while also adding visual interest.
  • Sounds included: These lower-thirds come equipped with sound effects making them more impactful than silent ones. 


  • Tutorial included: “a picture speaks louder than words,”–—-these tutorials will take away all guessing games involved when customizing this template.
  • Videos not included:Is there specific footage needed? Purchase clips easily through links shared by creators XnitroX (for motocross)and metrolightmusic (for music).</strong>

    Premium Customization Services Available!– if time isn’t something clients have much of, ”Let me do it for you!” :)The creator offers customization/rendering services via their profile within just one day turnaround period. 

    Whether working on personal projects/individual videos vs corporate presentations needing brand identification elements throughout–Unforld Lowers has options available easing creation process saving both time/money while still producing high quality results!

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