Undertaker’s last course

The Undertaker paid its last respects with a spectacular farewell show in the midst of colleagues and his late manager.

Exactly three decades to the day after his debut, Mark Calaway (55) alias The Undertaker made his very last appearance on Monday night. The “Final Farewell” of the WWE legend in the ThunderDome began with numerous companions. Kevin Nash (61), Shawn Michaels (55) and Ric Flair (71) paid tribute to The Undertaker by coming together in the ring to watch a tribute video for the wrestling legend. WWE boss Vince McMahon (75) also gave a speech on Undertaker and his legacy that will “last the time”.

Finally, the fictional character himself made her last appearance, which had been advertised for weeks. “For 30 long years I took this slow walk to the ring and again and again put competitors to rest. But now my time has come. My time has come to let Undertaker rest in peace”, so his last words .

The biggest goose bumps moment came at the end: Calaway listened to ten bells on his knees before his manager Paul Bearer, who died in 2013, rose again by hologram and held the Undertaker’s legendary urn in the air.


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