The WWE it has lost one of its most legendary fighters. The historical Undertaker said goodbye to ‘wrestling’ this Sunday After more than thirty years of career in the ring where he stood out especially in the ‘Pressing Catch’, where he was still giving a show at 55 years old.

Mark William Calaway, known worldwide as Undertaker, decided to hang up his iconic hat and cape to say goodbye to the fight on a night when he was honored as the legend of this sport that he is. A farewell they were in all kinds of ‘wrestling’ stars like Tripe H, Hulk Hogan or The Rock.

My time has come to let the Undertaker rest in peace“, said the wrestler at the peak of the ceremony in the ‘Survivor Series’ after his appearance. Thus closes a circle of 30 years in WWE, the same day he debuted in this type of fighting in 1990.

Interestingly, this it was not the first Undertaker withdrawal, since in 2017 he announced that he would do it, but after losing the fight against Roman Reigns to say goodbye to the rings, he decided to return to the ring, refusing that his legacy ended with a defeat. Already in June of this year, he assured that this was the definitive occasion to step aside.

And it is that, despite its more than two meters high (2.06) and its 140 kilos of weight, has suffered several injuries throughout his career that have been diminishing their physique more and more. Back and shoulder problems, concussions, a broken ankle, as well as muscle tears and burns from the show fires.