Uncontrolled coronavirus in France: one internship in intensive care every three minutes

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With these data, the government reconfirmed that the confinement will continue, at least for another 15 days in order to lower the figures of more than 30,000 cases and 2,588 hospitalized in the last 24 hours.

France faces “an extremely strong wave” of the virus, with one hospitalized for Covid every 30 seconds and an intensive care internship every three minutes. The figures were delivered by Prime Minister Jean Castex at a press conference to assess the first 15 days of confinement. One person in four dies from coronavirus and 40 percent are under 65 in the country.

In his first explanation after the confinement decision, the premier reconfirmed that the confinement will continue. At least for another 15 days in order to reduce the figures of 31,918 cases and 2,588 hospitalized in 24 hours. Restaurants and businesses will continue to be closed for 15 more days but with the help of the state. There will be an aid of 10,000 euros. But there could be a relief for neighborhood businesses after December 1.

“They are at the heart of our concerns,” said Bruno Le Maire, the economy minister. There will be relief in Noel’s vacation, was his promise.

“It would be irresponsible to lift or ease the lockdown,” said Premier Castex. “This is not the time to ease the reins,” he clarified. “The challenge of the days to come is not to relieve but to amplify efforts. But we found insufficient respect for the rules. I have asked the forces of order to enforce it in Paris and in the big cities ”, he warned.

The government expects the peak of the second wave of Covid “in the coming days of next week.” His wish is that they do not arrive at the hospital in serious condition. Hospital service is exhausted but ready for this second wave.

“If the trend continues, the peak of the second wave could be expected at the beginning of next week,” said the prime minister. “If the figures indicate that we remain in this line, relief measures could arrive on December 1 but will not include traders,” said Jean Castex.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve with the family but without massive parties. That is Jean Castex’s ambition. But the parties will not be “as usual. It is not reasonable to organize large parties with several dozen people, ”he warned.

Health Minister Olivier Véran reported that 7,000 intensive care beds are ready. In Auvergne Rhône Alpes, which is one of the most impacted regions, therapy beds have doubled. They have gone from 600 to 1,200 beds.

Transfers of patients from one region to another have already started. The displacement movements are from Auverge Rhône Alpes over Brittany and the Ille de France. “We have decided to bear the costs of transportation and accommodation for at least one companion of the transferred patients,” said the health minister.

Antigenic tests are underway and are a success in France. On Wednesday there were 3,000 positive people diagnosed via the antigen test.

“The pressure on our hospital system grows stronger and puts our hospitals under extreme stress. We had anticipated it and we must face it, ”said Premier Jean Castex.

The premier said that 45 percent of wage earners worked last week in “telecommuting”. There is a very strong reduction in journeys between home and work are less than 20 percent in relation to last September. The frequentation of collective transport is less than 55 percent in Paris and in the Metro.

“Economic activity can drop 12 percent. A major shock, ”said the premier.

The government is concerned about the precariousness of young people and students. He has asked the social partners to keep unemployment insurance for longer with those who have already reached the limit of receiving it. He announced the creation of 1600 student jobs in the month of November, December and January.

In social networks there were protests for high schools to close because social distance cannot be respected. “To the extent that a high school can do it, the presence of 100 percent of the students is desirable. If an establishment cannot guarantee sanitary conditions, there are possible hybrid solutions. I demand that 50 percent of the school time of the high school students be face-to-face. I demand a continuous learning plan from the rectors, ”explained the Minister of Education, Jean Michel Blanquer.

Prime Minister Castex was clear in his assessment of the lockdown: “The enemy is not the state but the virus. More than ever, I invite you to strictly respect the rules of confinement, not to leave your house if it is not necessary, to telework to the maximum, to redouble your prudence if you are vulnerable ”.



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