The October bridge will be, this year, at least different. And it is that not even the General Directorate of Traffic has yet activated its usual road surveillance campaign on the occasion of this holiday that this time falls on Monday, giving the opportunity to the workers to escape a long weekend outside the city.

Although it is true that in communities like La Rioja the DGT has authorized the device, Traffic has confessed that uncertainty reigns when it comes to displacement due to doubts about the situation in Madrid and the general distrust of citizens to travel.

However, an unfavorable scenario may arise to maintain safe traffic management and it is none other than the declaration of a state of alarm in the community of Madrid, which could cause that today, Friday, thousands of citizens took the roads to at least cross the bridge outside. Despite these forecasts, the mayor of Madrid José Luis Martínez-Almeida has already declared that he trusts that the Madrilenians will not flee “in terror.”

Measures to travel safely

10 tips (plus one extra) to travel safely behind the wheel

In any case, in the event that there is an increase in planned trips or that citizens decide to take advantage of the bridge to make a short break, it should be remembered that it is advisable avoid rush hours to travel (Today from 3:00 p.m., Sunday afternoon and Monday throughout the day) and it is recommended to check the traffic and road conditions through the DGT website or from their social networks.

Equally, it is essential to respect the speed limits on the road, Respect traffic signs and reduce impatience or aggression in traffic jams as well as distractions. Planning routes and scheduling rest stops every two hours helps the trip passes with more safety and comfort.

It should also be remembered that, although a special surveillance device has not been declared, the usual speed, fixed and mobile radars, as well as those of section speeding will continue to be fined road and city.