Marc Gasol has starred in the sports news from Sunday morning to Monday at close his transfer to Los Angeles Lakers. The Spanish pivot joins the current champions to make them even better, in a market in which they are renewing their inner game. However, this is a signing that transcends beyond sports, since, precisely in the Lakers it is where his brother Pau became a star.

At Staples Center it will be difficult to forget a long European pivot wearing the ’16’ he formed one of the best pairs in the franchise most laureate of the NBA along with Kobe Bryant. A perfectly matched pair that led the Angelenos to three consecutive NBA Finals and two champion rings, in 2009 and 2010.

From Memphis to Los Angeles

However, the arrival of one and the other to the franchise has nothing to do, neither because of the situation of the team, nor that of themselves, although it was Marc who signed first for the Lakers. The middle of the Gasol was chosen in the 2007 draft as the 48th second-round pick by the Californians, but he was immediately traded to the Memphis Grizzlies … to sign Pau.

Thus began the adventure of the brothers in Los Angeles, in a transfer that could not go better for the Staples. In the following three years they would reach the NBA final, winning two rings and with Pau establishing himself as one of the great stars of the team and the league, from the hand of two historic ones like Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson, especially after his great performance in the second finals against the Celtics.

After seven seasons of gold and purple, Pau left the Lakers as a free agent for Chicago, being one of the most beloved players in the franchise to this day, something that will be difficult to match for his brother.

Meanwhile, Marc was beginning to put down roots in Memphis already make your own name in the NBA, once again under the shadow of his brother, who had already become an idol of the Grizzlies. However, the team that they managed to form with the transfer of the Gasols was making them stronger and stronger and giving Marc more presence on the world scene with Conley or Randolph, with best team in franchise history.

History in Toronto

The ’33’ consolidated as one of the best defensive players of his generation, being named Best Defender 2013, being in the Quintet of the Season in 2015, and with three All-Stars among which the one in 2015 stands out, where he starred in the historic jump with Pau. Already in January 2019, Marc was transferred to a Toronto Raptors, a team that jumped among the contenders for the title after the arrival of the Spanish and Kawhi Leonard.

Gasol continued to grow despite being over thirty years old and did not disappoint in Canada, becoming a key piece of the historic ring the Raptors won, for barely two months later winning the World Cup for the second time in his career. After his first full season in Toronto, reaching the conference semifinals, he decides to undertake a new adventure in the Lakers with LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Pau and Kobe or Marc and LeBron?

Precisely, another inevitable point of comparison is that of Kobe Bryant and LeBron. The relationship between the late Angelina star and the eldest of the brothers was unbeatable, both on and off the field. Beyond the personal, the understanding between Kobe and Pau was key to Laker’s success with Bryant as the great star of the team and Gasol as his faithful squire.

However, although it is very attractive to look at Marc el Pau de LeBron, his role does not aim to be the same as his brother’s. The brand new signing of the Lakers does not come with the poster that Pau did and with his presence in the starting five in doubt and with the role of James’ bodyguard probably covered by Davis.

Of course, no one doubts the importance of Marc in these Lakers, where once again, he will seek to carve his own name and write your own story “away” from your brother’s. With a dominant inside game like that of the Californians, the arrival of a player like the Spanish can only improve them. If to that are added his qualities for the shot of three, complemented the presence of Harrell to help in defensive tasks, the Lakers are even more title contenders than they were this year.