Ukraine is trying to retake a critical spit of ground that could disrupt Russia’s missile barrages

A photo of Ukraine’s Kinburn Spit taken before the war.iStock / Getty Images Plus
  • Ukraine is trying to retake a small area of land that would give the country a huge strategic advantage.

  • The Kinburn Spit was a site for Russian missile launch and now controls Ukraine’s main river.

  • Ukraine launched an operation there. Forbes reported Some Ukrainians have landed.

Ukraine wants to take control over a strategic spit that would allow it to command a major river, and deflect missile strikes from Russia.

Ukraine confirmed that they are trying to regain control at the Kinburn Spit — a thin stretch of land across much of the mouth of the Dnipro river that it lost to Russia in June.

Officials from Ukraine have stated that they would not release any details about the operation until it was completed. Forbes Report on Thursday Ukrainian commandos were seen landing in small boats on the spit during an amphibious attack.

It didn’t say how large or well-armed a landing force was. It was also unclear how much defense Russia was providing.

However, if Ukraine was to retake Kinburn Spit, it would gain a significant advantage.

According to The Institute for the Study of War, Russia used the strip for missile and artillery strikes in the vicinity of Ukrainian cities.

A map showing the location of the Kinburn Spit relative to the Black Sea, and the city Kherson.Google Maps/Insider

It said that Ukraine’s retaking of the peninsula would “relieve” these areas from Russia’s strikes by putting their arms out of reach.

Russia heavily relies on artillery and missile strike for its entire invasion. Russia has waged an intense campaign, including missile and drone strikes on residential areas in recent weeks, seemingly to cut off electricity and water supply to civilians.

According to the ISW, Russia would lose the Kinburn Spit if it were to be unable to strike in certain regions. However, it wouldn’t stop Russian strikes.

The ISW noted that the person who takes the peninsula also has significant control over the Dnipro, Ukraine’s most important waterway.

Russia currently controls most areas east of the river. Ukraine now controls the west, after it retook Kherson earlier this year.

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