UK Labor Party suspends former leader Jeremy Corb

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The current leader of the Labor Party British, Keir Starmer, has suspended his predecessor from membership, Jeremy Corbyn, and has expelled him from the parliamentary group. Starmer has made such a ruthless decision after Corbyn called it “greatly exaggerated for political reasons” he antisemitism denounced in a devastating report on the way in which, under his mandate as head of the party (between 2015 and 2020), he faced repeated complaints about this problem in training. Corbyn’s refusal to recant has led to his suspension, “pending investigation.”

Starmer’s coup marks distances and can reopen a civil war in Labor, where the Corbynistas still have important support, especially in some sectors of the militancy and the unions. The expelled has promised “strongly refute the political decision“to suspend him.

Unlawful harassment and discrimination

The report by the British Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHCR) has studied incidents and complaints related to anti-Semitism, which during Corbyn’s years at the head of the party covered Labor with shame. The committee notes “illegal acts of harassment and discrimination” suffered by the complainants. The study highlights “serious flaws” and Corbyn’s unwillingness to tackle “a culture of anti-Semitism within the party that, at best, not enough was done to prevent and, at worst, it could be understood that he accepted it. “The researchers also discovered” a significant number of complaints relating to anti-Semitism that have not been investigated, “particularly on social media.

“This report is hard to read. It is an embarrassing day for the Labor Party,” said Starmer, who succeeded Corbyn in April after he suffered a catastrophic defeat to the Conservatives in the December elections last year. Starmer promised to quickly comply with all recommendations of the commission that it considered “clear, fair and achievable”. That was not the opinion of Corbyn, who, far from apologizing or acknowledging mistakes, rejected the report, claiming that his attempts to reform the system, to respond to complaints of anti-Semitism, ran into “obstruction of the bureaucracy of the party “.

Under protection

More than 70 former and current Labor collaborators, employees and MPs testified before the commission, in an investigation led by two councilors that collected a total of 800 pieces of evidence on anti-Semitic experiences in the party. The atmosphere was so tense that Labor councilors, according to the daily ‘The Guardian’, were offered physical protection, instructions against cyberattacks, legal advice and psychological help during a process that was very difficult for them. traumatic.



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