UK agrees to resume negotiations with the EU this week

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The Government of the United Kingdom has agreed to receive this Thursday the chief negotiator of the EU, Michel Barnier, in London with a view to resuming the talks to seal an agreement that will serve as a framework for the future relationship after ‘Brexit’, stalled in last days before the British demand of a change in the red lines of the block.

In a statement, the Executive of Boris Johnson has been satisfied with the last intervention of Barnier this Wednesday before the European Parliament after the ‘premier’ had made it clear that a “fundamental change” was necessary by the EU in the discussions. The European negotiator has defended in the European Parliament the will of the Twenty-seven to “intensify” the negotiations and has confirmed the determination of a satisfactory agreement for both sides, with mutual concessions. A gesture that London has welcomed and has allowed the situation to be unblocked.

London had also demanded seriousness from Brussels when it comes to discussing all the issues and carrying out the talks, in addition to accepting that “I was dealing with a sovereign and independent country and that any agreement should be consistent with that status. “In the opinion of the Johnson Government, Barnier has recognized both aspects and therefore, after a conversation between him and the British chief negotiator, David Frost, the United Kingdom Executive has shown its Willingness to “welcome the EU team in London to resume negotiations this week.”

Entry into force

“We have jointly agreed on a series of principles to manage this phase of the talks,” London said in its statement. “It is clear that significant gaps remain among our positions in the most difficult areas, but we are ready, with the EU, to see if it is possible to overcome them in more intense talks, “added the British Government.

The European Union has given itself until the beginning of November to close an agreement with the United Kingdom with enough time to ensure its ratification and entry into force on January 1, 2020, when the final rupture occurs and thus avoid a ‘Brexit’ chaotic due to the lack of a relationship framework.

Barnier and Frost and their respective ‘number two’ will meet this week “in a restricted format” every day and will do so in person, alternating Brussels and London as long as possible despite the coronavirus measures. The first round will be held from 22 to 25 in the British capital, as agreed by the parties.



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