Emotions became hot as Jönköpings Södra IF and Västjö-based Östers IF competed over the weekend in the southern Swedish derby for Superettan points.

A half hour mark Östers IF Stefan Karlsson tuned in from a quick counterattack. J-Södra IF’s Moustafa Zeidan did their utmost to prevent a rapid counterattack.

Zeidan grabbed her shoulders, her hand, her waist – and finally made Karlsson stop from the shirt.

Karlsson slipped away. He took the neckline of both hands and pressed Zeidan’s head into the grass.

– Simple: I stopped the counterattack and then I was in a stranglehold, Zeidan told the Fotbollskanalen website.

– It all happened really fast. I felt pressure on my neck. I can’t comment further, but the recording clearly shows what happened in it.

Karlsson got red from his ugly revenge. Zeidan survived in yellow.

– If the referee had given the liberation 20 meters earlier, this situation would not have arisen, Östers IF’s coach Denis Velic commented on Dplay.

– I am by no means defending Stefan’s act, but I think the judge should have acted earlier.

Jönköpings Södra IF won the match 4-1.