The so-called conflict of Nagorno-Karabaj, war of Upper Karabakh or directly war between Armenia and Azerbaijan It has turned that area of ​​eastern Europe into a hornet’s nest. The Qarabag FK, the most important team in the country governed by Ilham Aliyev, It is one of them.

Now the UEFA can punish them, after they have opened an investigation into some statements made by their press officer on his personal facebook and that can be considered as glorification of terrorism.

In the message, already deleted, Nurlan Ibrahimov wrote: “We must kill all Armenians: children, women, the elderly, without regret or compassion. If we don’t kill them, they will kill us and our children.”

Villarreal is very aware of the possible punishment or even exclusion, since they are framed in their group of the Europa League.

Turkey’s intervention in favor of the Azerbaijani regime has made the situation even more rare, and many social actors are pressing internationally to one side or the other. The Qarabag has a wide speaker so that the Azeri demands are heard, and before the words of its press officer it has responded to the controversy condemning the Armenian attacks:

We would like to affirm that the Qarabag football club abides by the Fair Play and Non-Racism and other UEFA Rules and Principles, while at the same time standing firm in supporting the territorial law and integrity of Azerbaijan..

We are passionate about football and hope to be able to play our matches soon in our own stadium in the Qarabag region. We believe that football is the best peaceful means to raise international awareness about the suffering of almost a million refugees who have been displaced from their own land.

As our President, Mr. Ilham Aliyev, has said several times, we condemn any attack against civilians regardless of their nationality and we strongly condemn the ongoing and repeated bombing and killing of innocent civilians in the cities of Ganja, Berde and Terter by Armenian forces. We demand an international response to the devastation, casualties and suffering of innocent civilians as a result of these attacks.“.