UEFA calls football ‘safest environment’ after 0.55 percent positive tests

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According to UEFA, 340 positive cases have come to light from 61,859 corona tests around European matches. The European federation therefore calls football “one of the safest environments”.

On average more than fifty tests per club

“The protocol we have drawn up is robust and ensures the safety of all involved,” UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin said Thursday. “Even as the pandemic is increasingly taking hold of the continent.”

The more than 60,000 tests were taken in matches in eight different competitions (Champions League, Europa League, Champions League women, Youth League, Nations League, European Championship qualification, youth and women’s international matches) of UEFA.

In total, only 0.55 percent of the tests were positive. 3 percent of the matches had to be canceled and more than five hundred matches could continue.

“The numbers give us confidence that we can finish the competitions in a normal way,” said Ceferin.

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin. (Photo: ANP)

National teams, unlike clubs, stay in a bubble in their national leagues to avoid the risk of contamination. On average, 53.9 players and staff per team are tested for each match.

“The UEFA protocol makes football one of the safest environments in the world,” said Ceferin.



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