Uber, one of the most popular private transportation companies in Mexico, announced the launch of Uber Promo in Mexico City in order to reactivate the economy after the pandemic of coronavirus.

It seems that the mobility company has big plans for Mexico. First, we tell you about Uber Pass, a subscription service that offers promotions on travel and food.

Now, Uber wants to offer discounted travel during low-demand times and areas. With this, the company launches Uber Promo, which aims to contribute to the economy of users and drivers who use the application.

Uber Pass offers promotions on trips and food and has already arrived in Mexico

What is Uber Promo?

This new modality will offer a product 15% cheaper than UberX during certain hours and areas.

According to the company, users may come across this option when selecting the type of service for their trip.

In the case of drivers, this service will allow them to have more users and, based on that, they can choose when to offer Uber Promo as a mobility alternative to users.

Uber believes that this new strategy will serve to support the resumption of economic activities, contributing to the reactivation in the new normal.

With this

Uber will already show advertising on cars

To protect passengers and drivers, Uber implemented various sanitary measures, including the mandatory use of a mask.