Colombia has not been the best market for Uber in recent months, recently the company had to stop its operations in the market after a court ruling ordered the company to do so for violating the rules of competition in the market. However, in less than a month the company of North American origin returned to Colombia with a change of model that benefited users and drivers.

However, almost 9 months after this event, the company has announced that it will close Uber Eats in Colombia, although this time it has not been a judge or any other government authority that has prevented the food delivery division from operating, but rather the same company has made such a decision.

In the official statement shared with local media, the particular reason why they have made this decision is not mentioned, but they do detail some actions that they will take to help the distributors active on the platform.

It was the best right now

The middle ENTER.CO He mentions that Uber made it clear that the priority at this time is to do everything possible to minimize the impact on the team, restaurants and delivery partners that supported the platform.

For this reason, the North American company revealed that of the 6,440 delivery partners registered in the application, all those who have been active between September 1 and October 20 of this year may be eligible for one-time financial assistance, Although the details on the amount of money of this “financial aid” were not revealed, which being colder it could be seen as a settlement, although legally it is not like that because the delivery partners are not employees of the company.

On the other hand, Uber mentions that all these delivery partners will be able to continue making deliveries on the platform, but through Uber Flash, so they can continue to earn income from the service.

Uber also made it clear that the resources used to operate Uber Eats in Colombia will be reinvested in other countries in the region where the platform has the greatest opportunity for growth.