Judges refused to hear an appeal by 215 Democrats in the Senate and House of Representatives against a lower court ruling that lawmakers failed to present the necessary legal arguments for their accusations, which focused on the president’s possession of the Trump International Hotel in Washington
Lawmakers have accused Trump of violating constitutional clauses that prohibit presidents from receiving payments or gifts from foreign governments without congressional approval. The main applicant in this case is Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut.
Trump has two similar lawsuits, one filed by a support group and another by Democratic attorneys general in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Those cases are likely to be rejected if Trump loses the Nov. 3 election, according to law professor Carl Tobias of the University of Richmond.
The Trump International Hotel in Washington is located in a historic building, a few blocks from the White House. The hotel, opened by Trump shortly before he was elected in 2016, has become a favorite place for accommodation and events for foreign officials visiting Washington.
Unlike other presidents, Trump has retained ownership of his business. According to lawsuits, he has become vulnerable to bribery from foreign governments.