In the United States, advance voting has remained exceptionally brisk.

There will soon be 60 million people who have voted in advance. This far exceeds the number of advance votes cast four years ago, when at that time some 47 million votes were cast in advance.

Professor at the University of Florida responsible for the US Elections Project, which collects election data Michael McDonald the fact that this year there may be a total of up to about 150 million votes – including the actual election day on November 3rd.

This would raise the turnout to about 65 percent, the highest number since 1908.

Advance votes have been diligently registered, especially in Libyan-speaking states, which is estimated to benefit Democrats.

According to Politico, Democrats have gained new voters and insecure voters in six Libyan states in particular. However, the magazine points out that this does not mean Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election.

Republican voters are usually most active on the correct polling day, but due to the corona epidemic, the situation is exceptional in every way.

Republican strategists Scott Reed considers, however, that the data obtained from the advance vote is a warning sign.

– Some Republicans are stuck in the mindset that we always manage to level the accounts on election day, Reed says.

– I think that with the strongly fractured in half the electorate is better to win the advance votes. It’s time to stop talking and making excuses.

Experts interviewed by Politico also point out that Democrats have been more eager to cast their vote right away. The situation will level off as slowly moving Republicans begin to vote.

This was seen this week in Florida, where Republicans have begun to vote in advance more actively than Democrats.