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After a meeting called by Biden a “national shame”, the group plans to introduce new rules and another format

The commission that organizes the presidential debates in the US has expressed through a statement on Wednesday its intention to introduce “new tools that maintain order” for the next two presidential debates. The decision was made after the chaotic face-to-face meeting Tuesday night between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The constant interruptions of the president of the United States to the Democratic candidate for the White House defined a debate in which on many occasions Biden was unable to complete a sentence.

Despite the attempts of the moderator Chris Wallace to try to control Trump’s tone outs and cuts towards Biden, the efforts of the FOX journalist, who came with good credentials to the debate due to his independence and professionalism, were in vain . On Twitter, leading analysts even commented after the embarrassment that it might be better if that was the only debate and the other two scheduled for this month were canceled. Next Tuesday the vice presidents will take place.

The Presidential Debate Commission has organized every presidential election debate since 1988. In its statement, the group says that this first debate of the 2020 election cycle “has made it clear that additional structures need to be added to the current format for subsequent appointments to ensure a discussion. more orderly of the subjects ”. The Commission then adds that it is carefully considering the changes to be made and will announce the measures “shortly”.

The Democratic candidate endured the guy as long as he could before the attacks of a president who looked more like a bully from a schoolyard subscribed to the techniques of 2016. “There is nothing intelligent in you,” the Republican snapped at Biden. In a campaign stop this Wednesday, Biden said that he hoped that in future meetings, which reach millionaire audiences through television, it would be possible to silence the microphone of the candidate who does not have the turn to speak.

Biden called the debate and Trump’s behavior “a national disgrace.” “I am not going to speculate on what may happen in the second and third debates,” concluded the former vice president of Barack Obama.

Wallace struggled as best he could to regain control of the 90-minute confrontation in the city of Cleveland, Ohio, disturbed by frequent interruptions, the vast majority coming from Trump. His pleas for candidates to conform to the rules were constant and at one point he looked at Trump and said that he would serve his country better “if he let other people talk without interrupting them.” “I mean you, sir, to do that.” “Say it to him too,” replied a childish Trump in reference to Biden, to which Wallace had no choice but to reply: “Frankly, you’ve been doing a lot more interruptions than he has.”

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