The data does not give for a great celebration but for a slight sigh of relief in the sector of the two wheels. The sales and registrations of two-wheelers seem to be recovering little by little, according to data published by Anesdor, as the worst months of the health crisis pass.

Even so, the figures must be analyzed sector by sector. In the one of the motorcycles, for example (that is, those two-wheelers for which a driving license is necessary), the data for this month of September was positive compared to the same month last year, with a growth of 4.8%.

The two-wheel market rallied and sales increased by 20% in July

However, in the cumulative total so far in 2020, motorcycle registrations continue to show a deficit which, this time, is from a 12.6% compared to sales that had been achieved on the same date last year. Despite the negative figure, the trend has continued to rise since the end of last July.

In the segment Mopeds statistics work in reverse. During this month of September, a drop in sales of 7’7% compared to the same month last year but the accumulated registrations of this 2020 they surpass those of the past 2019 by 9.6%.

Since last April the sales of mopeds, especially in scooter mode, they shot up to their maximum in July, after which they began to decline. Motorcycle sales also grew until the same month and fell in August, but now they show a slight recovery contrary to the cycles.

The reasons that weigh the most in these figures, and why drivers seem bet on mobility on two wheels, they are economical. Both the initial price and maintenance of a motorcycle or moped are much more affordable than that of a car.