Two policemen shot and wounded during protests over the lack of defendants in the death of Breonna Taylor

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A Grand Jury only advances for excessive violence against one of the three agents who shot and killed the young African American

The protesters did not respect the curfew imposed in the city of Louisville (Kentucky) that the authorities decreed for nine at night (US East Coast time) and took to the streets to protest after the resolution, a few hours earlier, of a Grand Jury not to charge the police officers involved in the shooting death of the young African American Breonna Taylor. According to the city’s police chief, Robert Schroeder, two officers have been shot and wounded during the protests and the police have arrested a suspect. In a brief press conference, the police chief reported that one of the officers was stable and another was in the operating room, but did not provide any information on how the incident occurred.

On the afternoon of this Wednesday, and after more than 100 days of deliberations, a grand jury indicted former agent Brett Hankison for reckless recklessness in the first degree in relation to the shooting death of Taylor, while the other two police officers involved in the case -John Mattingly and Miles Cosgrove- were not charged. As first advanced by Courier JournalLouisville’s leading daily newspaper, there was not one – as was initially reported – but two officers injured. In images offered by the television network CNN a series of shots was heard and shortly after a woman shouted that a policeman had been wounded.

Since the death of African American George Floyd on May 25 in Minneapolis, the United States has experienced the largest protest movement in the country’s history due to racism and police violence. The beginning of the riots in Louisville raised fear of a long night of tension and the repetition of multiple previous days of violence such as those that occurred in Kenosha (Wisconsin), where three nights of protests left at least two people dead and one injured after a black man was shot several times in the back by a law enforcement officer.

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear had deployed a “limited” contingent of the National Guard in Louisville on Wednesday, something that US President Donald Trump celebrated after speaking with the Governor. “It’s a good thing” that he has deployed the National Guard. “I understand that he called her, which is a good thing,” he said at a press conference, adding that “it will work.”

Louisville was not the only city experiencing violent protests and altercations on Wednesday night. The nation’s capital, Washington, New York, Atlanta and Chicago, among other major cities in the country, watched as protesters gathered in specific locations to protest the Grand Jury’s decision to leave the shooting death of Taylor, 26, Without a culprit to pay the blame


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