They are twins Michael and William Null, most likely members of an anti-system militia in Chicago, according to the Detroit News. They appear in armed images, along with two other men dressed in military uniform. The photo was taken on April 30, when protests against measures to combat the COVID-19 epidemic took place and a group of protesters stormed the Capitol building trying to break inside. Michigan allows weapons to be carried in federal buildings.

The two men appear in official photos of the incident, but were also caught in the Senate gallery by a Democratic senator.

“Right above me, men with guns are shouting at us,” Democratic Sen. Dayna Polehanki wrote on Twitter, noting that some of her colleagues are wearing bulletproof vests.

— Senator Dayna Polehanki (@SenPolehanki) April 30, 2020

The men have been charged with conspiracy to kidnap along with 4 others, including an infantry veteran, and a militia group, Wolverine Watchman, is believed to have been involved in the plot, the Detroit News reported. pursuing the governor. According to FBI officials, who acted with undercover agents, the brothers staged a plot to kidnap the governor on social media since the beginning of the year.

They planned to kill Gretchen Whitmer for treason and still had plans to assault the Lansing Capitol and take hostages. The suspects are part of militia groups who believe the governors are unconstitutional and are campaigning for a self-sufficient society, according to Insider. The men followed her several times to her home and trained with firearms and explosive devices. Another 7 men are accused of complicity in acts of terrorism, including conspiracies against law enforcement.

According to the testimony of an undercover FBI agent, who quoted Adam Fox, one of the six suspects, “members spoke of the assassination of” tyrants “or the seizure of a governor. The group decided that it needed to increase its staff and encouraged each other to tell each other, to spread their messages “. Fox also said he needed “200 men” to storm the Michigan Capitol building and take hostages, including the governor.

Governor Whitmer accused the Trump administration of doing nothing to protect her, although she warned that she was threatened and asked for help.

Trump retorted on Twitter last week that he had quarantined the entire state, but let his husband walk, while the federal government “offered massive aid to the wonderful people of Michigan” and law enforcement forces dismantled a ” dangerous plot against the governor of Michigan. “

“Instead of thanking me, he makes me a white supremacist – while Biden and the Democrats refuse to condemn Antifa, the anarchists, the robbers and the hooligans who are burning the Democratic cities,” Trump wrote.