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From British members of the Islamic State unit known as “Beatles”, suspects for torture and beheading of hostages in Syria will be transferred from Iraq to the United States for trial, media reported today.

Alexanda Kotey and El Shafi Elsheik, who were captured in 2018 by Kurdish militias in Syria and taken to Iraq last October, are accused of their participation in kidnappings of foreigners, including EL PERIÓDICO journalist Marc Marginedas, as well as Javier Espinosa and Ricardo García Vilanova, who were held captive. about six months in 2014 and American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has made careful plans to transport the two ISIS members to the United States, where will be charged for the kidnappings and deaths of several Americans, ABC television reported citing three officials it did not identify.

Terrorist Quartet

The captives had nicknamed the terrorist quartet “Beatles” for their British accent to talk about them without their captors understanding the references. US and British authorities have linked the group to 27 murders.

According to US authorities, Kotey and Elsheik have admitted to being involved in the 2015 kidnapping, rape and death of Mueller.

In a video recording obtained by the American television network NBC, the two individuals also They admitted to hitting Foley who was brutally beaten on camera by “Beatles” ringleader Mohammed Emwazi in 2014. Sotloff, Kassig and British rescuers David Haines and Alan Henning were beheaded.

One died and another is serving a sentence

According to American sources, Emwazi was killed in a Hellfire missile attack shot in 2015 from an unmanned aircraft (drone) operated by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The fourth member of the “Beatles”, Aine Lesley Davis, was sentenced in Turkey in 2017 to seven and a half years in prison.

The US Department of Justice has arranged for the transfer of the two suspects for trial in Virginia, but the process has been delayed because the mother of one of the accused initiated a complaint related to evidence that the UK authorities have and which is considered crucial in the case of Kotey and Elsheik. The woman questioned the legality of the British government’s cooperation with the American in these cases.

In March, the British Supreme Court of Justice barred cooperation with the United States, and after a management in August by the American Secretary of Justice, William Barr, who promised that the suspects, if found guilty, will not be sentenced to death. death, the British Supreme Court changed its mind and began the exchange of evidence.



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