Phil Foden and Mason Greenwood, aged 20 and 18 respectively, made their debut with England’s senior team last Saturday, in a match that the ‘Three Lions’ won 0-1 against Iceland. To celebrate it, young people they met two girls who took to the hotel… which has cost them dearly.

The security measures imposed by UEFA and by the English Federation itself established that the bubble in the hotel should be total, and they should not maintain contact with anyone outside the concentration. Obviously, much less could take guests to their rooms, which is what they did.

It was the images shared by them on social networks, and that have reached the hands of a communication medium from the Nordic country, DV, that have led to the scandal.

Given the risk in which they have put themselves and their colleagues, Gareth Southgate his pulse has not trembled to drive them out of concentration.

“Unfortunately this morning, I was informed that two of the guys had broken the COVID-19 guidelines regarding our ‘bubble’, so we had to decide very quickly that they could not have any interaction with the rest of the team and they couldn’t train. Given the procedures we have to follow now, they will have to travel back to England separately“informed the coach.

Both Manchester City’s Foden and United’s Greenwood had many options to play England’s next game at this camp, against Denmark.