Two corona-infected Dutch Olympians were on the same flight from Holland to Tokyo

Two Dutch athletes and a staff member of the Dutch team were flying together from Amsterdam to Tokyo on Saturday last week. They both tested positive for corona virus during the build-up to the Olympic Games. NOC * NSF confirms this on Thursday following reports in the AD.

A spokesperson for the umbrella sports said that while it is true, they can’t do much about it. “We would love to know the source of these positive tests.”

Before departing for Japan, TeamNL athletes were all tested for the coronavirus three times. After a positive test, Candy Jacobs, a skateboarder, had to be quarantined. The next day was followed by Taekwondoka Reshmie Okink and a rowing team staff member. Because of this, Oogink is able to forget about Olympic participation.

There is no known source of the infection. However, there are likely to be more cases. The spokesperson said that they are still waiting to hear the results of tomorrow, as well as those of the next day and days.

A plane can hold dozens of athletes and their supervisors

The flight between Amsterdam and Tokyo was accompanied by several dozen athletes as well as supervisors. According to the ADThe device included, among other things, the Dutch hockey team, the beach volleyball teams, Tom Dumoulin, and Kiki Bertens.

“Everyone had to fill out their seat number so that they can check the results of those who were in the vicinity of positive cases. “If there’s reason to, additional testing will take place,” reads the NOC statement. NSF

The sports umbrella says that this is not currently the case. When you use a “so-called” sport umbrella, it is very clearly defined in the rules. Keep in touchThese are. This information is accurately recorded and recorded in the plane’s rows. The plane will not treat anyone who has their mouth closed, which is also mandatory, as a passenger. Keep in touch seen.”

With the exception of a few, most Olympic athletes and their supervisors were vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to departure. Every day, an oral tube must be provided for testing during the Games.



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