Two circuits to work glutes and legs as a couple

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Routines to exercise the lower body in pairs.

If you have already tried exercising the middle zone as a couple, today we bring you a new proposal to continue working in pairs: a couple of circuits to strengthen glutes and legs.

Ailín Olivieri (Higher Professor of Physical Education) and Gabriela Losino (Functional Training Instructor) propose exercises to do with a partner at home or outdoors, since training becomes more bearable in company.

For the two circuits of legs and glutes, they suggest three proposals for work and pause times so that you can choose the one that best suits your abilities: 30 “x 30” / 30 “” x 20 “/ 30” x 10 “.

In both, if you choose to work by number of repetitions, you can do between 10 and 12. Keep in mind that there are unilateral exercises, therefore the laps must be even: 2, 4 or 6.

Here are the exercises that each circuit includes: you can see how to do them correctly in the video.

✓ Jump squat. As you fall, bend your knees for cushioning)

✓ Glute kick

✓Jump lunge. Keep in mind that your back is always straight and does not lean forward. Take long strides so that both legs are at a 90 ° angle.

✓Heel elevation (calves). Don’t forget to tuck in your navel and squeeze your tail to maintain a correct and upright posture.

✓Leg abduction.

✓Sumo Squat + Heel Raise. The feet slightly point to the diagonal, knees in the same direction.

They can also choose these frequencies of work and rest: 45 “x 15” / 40 “x 15” / 30 “x 15”.

✓Bulgarian squat and 1/2 squat

✓Burpee + crossed hands touch

✓Isometric plank and side jumps + squat. Remember that on the plank the body must always be kept aligned and this is achieved by contracting glutes, navel and quadriceps. If you don’t dare to jump sideways, you can do it head-on.

✓Squat and lower abs with extended legs. In the lower legs, you do not have to take your back off the floor, the legs lower to the point where the lumbar muscles do not separate from the mat.


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