Oxford resumes its trials and Pfizer has just asked the US authorities to expand theirs from 30,000 to 44,000 participants. They want to include volunteers under the age of 16 and with HIV or hepatitis.

If the study is successful, they could present the vaccine for your approval from October. When compared to other deadly viruses, the prospects of finding it are optimistic.

“The advantage is that coronaviruses they mutate 10 times less than the flu virus or 100 times less than HIV “, affirms virologist Margarita del Val.

“They also have another advantage, and that is that they have already been experimental vaccines against the two serious human coronaviruses: SARS and MERS. “

Although there may also be drawbacks. “In a small percentage of cases in vaccinated animals they have exacerbated the infection“, explains Del Val.

They are also looking for against the clock new treatments. In addition to the antiviral Remdesivir, effective in moderately severe patients, new tools are being investigated. “There are others that will prevent the virus from entering cells or that block the proteins that the virus sequesters for its own use,” says the virologist.

In this unstoppable race, several pharmaceutical companies have committed to ensure safety and efficacy of everything that reaches the market, beyond possible political pressures.