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Twitter He has been trying to put a little education on his most disrespectful users. Now, you’ve just rolled out a feature that you started testing last May that limits unwanted responses from those who log into 280 character social network just to insult and swear. And is that the company that Jack Dorsey runs has decided to take the issue so seriously that it is even warning US President Donald Trump about her messages.

To silence these ‘haters’ and ‘trolls’ who only seek prominence, the interface allows you to delete inappropriate comments from the thread of conversations or those that the person to whom they are addressed does not want to see. Now, when a user types a message, below it will appear a default indication that “Any user can reply & rdquor ;, but this can be modified to just “People you follow & rdquor; or just “People you mention & rdquor ;.

The idea is do not interfere with people who have not asked their opinion and monopolize the conversation with other topics or distort what someone has wanted to say until they drown their message. Until now you could only completely hide responses to a tweet, but it was very little used.

Disable responses

If the tweeter chooses to have his message appear with some restriction, the reply icon will be disabled (grayed out) to indicate that it cannot be replied. What is maintained will be retweeting or retweeting with comment; that is to say, the apostille, of which those responsible for Twitter remember that sometimes it has more audience than the original comment.

The functions will be applied with the updates of the Twitter app. They already appear on the web. The social network also announces a new design to order the replicas and that they are nested to the comment they refer, especially in the Threads, which are increasingly popular.

The new options are a full-fledged ‘why don’t you shut up’ that pretends that the message threads have a meaning and really show an interesting conversation, without going out of the pot or various nosy. Twitter calls these the ‘reply guys’, users who enter the channel to insult and talk nonsense and who make many legitimate users lose interest.

Over the ‘reply guys’, a university professor; Scott Barolo, detailed them in 2018 in a table that wanted to exemplify the behaviors that women were on #Metoo, and that go from the one that detracts from bullying (gaslighter), the one that justifies the bullies (himpathy), the who wants to explain what has never suffered (mansplainer) or those who allow themselves to change the subject (sealion).

The new functions seek to make users feel more spontaneous and secure. An example they give is the so-called ‘fleets’ (“fleeting thoughts & rdquor ;, translate it), or those phrases” without thinking much & rdquor; that deep down is the essence of Twitter. The new measures also go towards the survival of Twitter itself, which has also just opened in some versions the tweets by voice, small recordings that you have to listen to and not just read or watch, but do not appear in all versions.




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